About Us

We founded Lotusoi on organic cosmetics. At the time, organic cosmetic was portrayed as a dark and a slightly seedy product, we believed, and still do that organic cosmetics should be full of colour.

From the beginning we had one goal; to provide premium organic cosmetics and skincare products at affordable prices. Using organic based products had meant accepting something "second best", companies didn't invest the time to research the benefits of natural ingredients and the brands in the High Street, that at first looked natural, were anything but.

Having worked for Mariem (the people that make Rescue Remedy), Girgis had experience in what could be acheived with natural ingredients and how, if used properly, you could substitute chemicals with beautiful natural alternatives that bring benefit to the skin and mind.

We remain a family run business, our passion goes into every product we produce. From our 3 year old that loves to help water the young plants in the greenhouse, to our grand Mum (who we dare not mention her age), that is responsible for the quality of every product that leaves our doors. Those that work for us become our family and we are proud that some of those that work with us have been here almost as long as us!

Our passion, enthusiasm and love for what we do everyday.